Seven Sure Fire Pick-Up Lines for Lutherans

I am a happily married Lutheran man.  But with Valentine’s Day having passed, I thought about all the not-so-lucky Lutheran men out there who spent that day alone.  So to try and help my brothers out so they don’t have to spend February 14th alone again next year, here are 7 can’t miss Lutheran pick up lines to break the ice.

  1. I was going to ask you if it hurt when you fell from heaven, but then I remembered Satan, so…
  2. You want me to text you later, or just nail a message to your door?
  3. God inspired Moses and gave us Numbers to burden our conscience. Why don’t you burden my conscience and give me your number?
  4. Let’s role play. I’ll be Law and demand a date. You be Gospel and give me a place and time.
  5. The moment I laid eyes on you, you had me singing the Kyrie; Lord have mercy!
  6. It’s time for Confession and Absolutely.  I must confess that you’re absolutely gorgeous!
  7. You wanna go see “The Shack”? Yeah, me either.  Let’s go grab some beers!

With any luck, you’ll be spending St. Valentine’s Day gorging yourself with chocolates alongside someone special in 2018!