Limerick News Vol. 1

I’ve decided to report some of this week’s news headlines…in limericks.  I like goofy poems, and what better inspiration for goofy poems than the news.

Without further ado, here’s Limerick News Vol. 1


President Trump can be gladiatorial
And to Obama, he’s accusitorial
Until his claims prove legit
Talk of tapped wires should quit
He just comes off as conspiratorial

Image from BBC News








Hoosiers this week were alarmed
Of zombies who meant them great harm
But the warning lacked fact
The radio station was hacked
And the folks were all safe on the farm








Richard Simmons is blind to the eye
Of the public; has been for some time
Rumors of a kidnapping ensued
So he phoned in to Fox News
To tell all the world that he’s fine

(Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)










I.M. Healthy makes food that is wise
SoyNut Butter is their chief enterprise
But hold on there, dude
There’s dung in that food
They’ve recalled because of E. Coli


In Georgia, a vegan was triggered
So a plan she quickly configured
She saw a truck hauling chicken
So she gave it a lickin’
By the ram of her car she delivered



Oreos are the perfect food
Peeps are marshmallowy goo
But when they are combined
They are surely inclined
To turn pink, your tounge and your poo