I Like My Eggs Punny

A few weekends ago, my wife and I decided to go out and have brunch.  We are usually none too early getting out on Saturday morning, so going to a restaurant that does brunch is usually our best bet.  If one of us wants an omelet, but the other one wants a burger, we’re both covered!  Fortunately, there are no shortages of brunch places where we live.  We have a “go to” place downtown that never disappoints, but on this particular day, we thought we’d try something different.

As we researched places to go, here are a few of the brunch place options that popped up:

  • Eggshell
  • Another Broken Egg Cafe
  • Wild Eggs
  • Yolk

I assume you see the pattern here.

If you want to open up a new brunch place, you have to have a name that has something to do with eggs.  Now, I love eggs.  Just about any kind of eggs; scrambled, over easy, over medium, hard boiled, sunny side up, etc.

I also love puns.  I’m a dad in my mid 40’s.  Puns are in my genetic make up.

So I figured if I ever want to start my own brunch place, I have quite a few options on what to name it, as long as I keep the egg and pun theme front and center.

  • Denny Neggle’s – For fans of Denny Neagle, former Major Leauge pitcher.
  • Buffalo, New Yolk – A place that serves wings and eggs.
  • A Little Eggstra Sumpin’ Sumpin’ – A diner that serves Bloody Marys.
  • Leading by Eggs Ample – Known for their 12 egg omelet.
  • Great Eggspectations – I’m willing to bet that this place already exists.
  • Hard Boiled and McCormick – An 80’s TV themed restaurant.  Stephen J. Cannell was the man!
  • Eggsacta-mundo! – Serving Fonzie’s favorite; Scrambled Ayyyygs.
  • Bill and Ted’s Eggsellent Adventure – Originally a joint venture.  However, Ted wound up being The Chosen One.  So now, Bill S. Preston, Esquire mans the grill solo.
  • Flying Poach – This place is a real dive.  The seats at the tables are entirely too close to each other, and every table comes with a crying baby.  Not a first class joint.
  • Sunny Side Uptown Funk – Serving Bruno’s Bacon and Eggs.
  • Eggstacy – Glow sticks and house music provided with every meal.
  • The Eggstra Terrestrial – The Eggs Benedict are out of this world!

Now I’m hungry.  Til next time!